Stump Removal & Poisoning

Nigel Earley Services Ltd undertake removal or poisoning of any size stump. This can be either from trees which we have felled for you or stumps that are left from other contractors or simply inherited with your garden. We use various methods of removal - grinding with stump grinders, removal by digger or manually.


Grinders can access narrow openings as low as 26 inches (65cm) with the pedestrian grinder or 35 inches (88cm) with the larger self-propelled machine. The grinder is used to break down the stump into a sawdust type material to be disposed of either by yourself or us. Our 2.5 tonne excavator can be used to dig around stumps and pull them out, they can then be disposed of at a licenced tip by ourselves. We can then use the excavator to level the remaining ground ready for reinstatement of the area.


We undertake tree stump poisoning using mainly the Eco Plug method. A series of holes are drilled into the tree stump, the plugs are inserted and the chemical is then released into the stump. Wildlife and pets are safe from this as the top of the plastic plug seals the hole to prevent contamination of the surrounding area.